Content Creation For Wevolver

On tone-of-voice and content

We always ask you to follow our Guidelines for Publishers. In addition, the following recommendations help you to be successful in our community
Engineers come to Wevolver to stay up to date, or to find knowledge during product development.
Wevolver stands for inspiring informative content. Posts on Wevolver are trustworthy, authentic, and contain valuable information for the engineering community
All subjects that are relevant during product development (ideation, engineering and design) and manufacturing are welcome. This could include content about specific designs or technologies, the product development process, as well as higher level technology and industry developments that are important to know.
Questions to ask yourself when creating content:
  • Does this help understand a technology or learn about a new development?
  • Does this help readers innovate or solve engineering challenges?
  • Does this provide knowledge that is valuable when developing related technologies?
Wevolver focuses on evergreen content; posts that remain relevant and valuable over time. Pure news announcements (e.g. company X announces funding) are not suitable for the platform.
Our content is easy to read. The tone of voice can be personal and both formal as relatively informal within the bounds mentioned above. If an opinion must be shared it is done so clearly and detached. Subjective information is not concealed as objective truth.

What NOT to publish on Wevolver:

In short; any content that is purely promotional and/or that doesn't provide any meaningful knowledge to technology developers. Also, any incomplete content that is not informative in itself and which is only a lead to external content does not work on Wevolver. Again; to be successful your content has to bring value to our engineering community.

How Much Technical Depth?

The Wevolver audience is tech-savvy and interested in understanding technological details. They’re willing to learn new concepts. Unavoidably when writing about a specific technology there will be some readers who are familiar with the topic, and others who are laymen. You can strike a balance in which you don’t shy away from technical intricacies and jargon, while explaining and elaborating in such a way that a tech-savvy layman can generally understand and continue to read and get value out of your story.

A Word on SEO

Wevolver spends a lot of effort to ensure the platform has a great SEO. In your writing we advise to focus on creating high quality content, and not write for SEO purposes per se. You can be thoughtful in having descriptive article titles and headers that incorporate relevant keywords from the content of the article in a way that is helpful to the reader. Know that great content is what really matters.
Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or ideas!

On behalf of the Wevolver team,
Bram Geenen, Co-founder Wevolver.