Ivan Grishkin


Dubai - United Arab Emirates




20 years of experience in the oil and gas sector, where I have built a reputation as a seasoned IT executive and a digital transformation leader. I am passionate about creating value through innovative solutions and technologies that enhance safety, efficiency, and sustainability in the industry. As the founder of GearEx, a deep tech IIoT startup, I am driven by the goal to save lives by developing health and safety wearable devices and platforms with embedded edge AI. These solutions are designed to help predict safety risks and respond immediately in case of incidents during day-to-day operations. I leverage my expertise in strategic vision, business interface, commercial mindset, leadership, and project management, as well as technical domains such as IT service management, IT architecture, information management, and infrastructure services, to deliver and manage large-scale greenfield IT projects, ranging from 20 to 200 million USD, in joint venture and collaborative environments.

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Despite an enormous effort and a significant reduction in fatality rates, mining remains one of the most hazardous industries for workers. However, new technologies are starting a safety revolution, while simultaneously fueling the mining industry’s digital transformation.

Wearable Technology Improves Safety and Significantly Reduces Mining Accidents