Microsoft and AI Innovation Center help organizations with AI

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Microsoft and AI Innovation Center help organizations with AI

How do you help high-tech companies get the most out of AI? You should bring knowledge, new ecosystems, and cutting-edge technology together on ‘the smartest square kilometre’ in the world!

How do you help high-tech companies get the most out of AI? You should bring knowledge, new ecosystems, and cutting-edge technology together on ‘the smartest square kilometre’ in the world! And that’s exactly what we did. High Tech Campus Eindhoven enables Microsoft and AI Innovation Center to work together. Together they provide high-tech companies with an extra ‘AI boost’ so that they continue to innovate.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the engine behind the new industrial revolution that we are currently in. It gives companies the computing power to compete on a global scale through all kinds of applications. From self-driving cars to predictive maintenance, the applications are endless and promise a more efficient future. That’s why companies want to implement and benefit from AI. Often, they don’t know exactly how to do so or haven’t seen enough examples of how to use this technology. Others get stuck in the experimental phase because they lack the right knowledge or development partners.

Start and continue with AI

‘We can do better’, thought Paul van Son, founder of AI Innovation Center. He brings together companies, knowledge, and infrastructure at High Tech Campus Eindhoven, helping companies to get started with data science and AI faster. Jeffrey Vermeulen, Business Group Lead for Microsoft Azure, shares this goal. “We want to inspire business decision makers with use cases. In a demonstration room, we’re showing what you can do with AI. At the same time, we help engineers and technicians with technical knowledge. For example, we tell them how to start with cloud and AI and show them how to use the technology in a responsible way. We chose a permanent meeting place on High Tech Campus, in a space where you can feel the vibe of high-tech product development. This place brings people, ideas, companies, technology, and budgets together.”

Sharing knowledge within the innovation hub of the Netherlands

“We both believe in collaboration, inspiration, and learning from each other and thus promoting the use of AI. We need to bring in knowledge from outside the campus to drive AI adoption, and that’s why Microsoft’s presence is so important,” says Paul. Jeffrey adds: “At the same time, the presence of companies such as Philips, ASML, Signify, and NXP is important for Microsoft, because we mainly want to learn from each other in the innovation hub of the Netherlands.”

Meeting increases success

This proximity is important in the joint mission: to improve knowledge transfer and build ecosystems with startups, researchers, universities, and the largest enterprises. “This way, start-ups and scale-ups gain access to, for example, Microsoft,” says Paul. This collaboration is focused on making AI practical, so that companies can really get started. That’s why AI Innovation Center and Microsoft are organizing joint workshops and hackathons. After the summer, they will host numerous meetups and round tables to bring together engineers and business professionals to talk about the challenges of AI adoption.

Teaching AI skills

With these training courses, companies learn what is involved in the application of AI from start to finish. From technology such as AI on the Azure platform to ethical handling of AI and bringing this technology into production. “In our collaboration, we can assist companies during every phase of their AI project and help accelerate. During the AI workshops you’ll find out which AI solution adds the most value for your company and you’ll learn how to build it as well. Curious? Then sign up right away!” says Paul.

Financial support

In addition to knowledge and skills, the collaboration offers more. In the early stages, companies are always looking for sufficient resources to grow. This partnership also helps with this aspect, says Jeffrey. “We rewarded one of the startups in AI Innovation Center with EUR 100,000 Azure credits and a membership in the Startup Founders Hub. This helps innovative companies to start using AI faster and ensures that ideas grow into services, products, and a stronger competitive position.”

Start with AI

Do you want to get started with AI and take your skills to the next level? Join us at a live event at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven or join us virtually at one of our Microsoft Virtual Training Days. Curious about which AI solution accelerates your growth? Register for an Azure AI Immersion Workshop to learn practical AI skills in one day. We look forward to seeing you at High Tech Campus Eindhoven!