EVENT: Join the Watch Party - Building Trust in AI for Autonomous Vehicles

A GTC Session Watch Party is a replay of an original GTC talk hosted by NVIDIA.

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Date and time

Thursday, Mar 23 | 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM WAT 


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This is an interactive session and we encourage you to join the discussion with any comments or questions. Please note that the original speakers of the talk listed below may not be in attendance.

Hosted by:

Felix Friedmann, DriveWorks Product Manager & DRIVE EMEA Developer Relations, NVIDIA

Bram Geenen, CEO & Co-founder, Wevolver

Daniel, co-creator, The Next Byte

Farbod, co-creator, The Next Byte

AI models are ubiquitous in modern autonomy stacks, enabling tasks such as perception and prediction. However, providing safety assurances for such models represents a major challenge, due in part to their data-driven design and dynamic behavior. We'll present recent results from NVIDIA Research on building trust in AI models for autonomous vehicle systems, along four main directions: (1) techniques to robustly train machine learning models, along with safety key performance indicators that allow one to measure the safety of AI models at scale; (2) tools to monitor AI components at run-time that detect and identify possible anomalies and trigger early warnings; (3) approaches to design safety filters, which bound the behavior of AI components at run-time in order to enforce their safety by design; and (4) data-driven traffic models for closed-loop simulation and safety assessment of autonomy stacks. We'll discuss how such a multipronged approach is necessary to achieve the level of trust required for safety-critical vehicle autonomy.

Marco Pavone, Director, Autonomous Vehicle Research, NVIDIA

Industry: Automotive / Transportation

Topic: Autonomous Vehicles

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