YOBL a device that take you OFF social media

YOBL is about taking a simple action to change a very complex habit.


We believe that a large part of the problem with social media abuse is, at some point, social media became a habit, and an integral part of our everyday routine. Suddenly, opening certain apps becomes an unconscious choice-an impulse. YOBL was born out of a need for a tool that helps us stay away from social media at times when we could be doing something healthier or simply living in the moment without a digital presence.

YOBL is a small device that connects to personal social media accounts through a mobile app.

YOBL’s primary and only function is OFFLINE TIME, a countdown time that can be activated by users to stay away from all the social media platforms of their choice by pressing a single button.

If the user accesses a social media platform during OFFLINE TIME, they lose a life. Users get a total of 3 lives A DAY.

If you are OFF social media for at least 5 days, YOBL gives you incentive

For example: Go see a movie for FREE, your ticket is YOBL device, read a book sent to you by YOBL and many more advantages.

If you lose all the 3 lives, the device will be off automatically for 10min, all your social media will be blocked for 10min

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