| Product Specification

TE Connectivity Unmanned Power (UMP) Connector Kits

Comprehensive solution for reliable power and signal delivery in unmanned vehicles and applications requiring high power in a compact form factor.


ProductPower Connector
Current Rating15 A
Voltage Rating300 VAC, 300 VDC
Mounting StylePanel Mount
Termination StyleCrimp
Number of Positions3 Power
Operating Temperature- 20°C to 150°C
ApplicationsUnmanned Vehicles, Ground Defense, Robotics, Factory Automation


TE Connectivity Unmanned Power (UMP) Connector Kits are engineered to deliver reliable or combined power and signal interfaces to various parts of unmanned vehicles. These kits feature a modular design, enabling customization to meet specific system requirements. The connectors offer up to 80A per contact and are available in power and mixed-signal/power configurations. Each kit includes a mating pair of connectors (plug and receptacles) crafted from durable materials suited for challenging environments. The UMP connectors are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including vibration, shock, and extreme temperatures. The connectors are widely applicable in unmanned vehicles, ground defense, robotics, and factory automation, providing a versatile solution for demanding power connectivity needs.

Key features of TE Unmanned Power (UMP) Connector Kits  

The TE Connectivity Unmanned Power (UMP) Connector Kits offer diverse features, catering to various power and signal connectivity needs in unmanned vehicles and automation systems. These kits are designed to accommodate a wide range of wire sizes, supporting 8AWG to 14AWG for power and 22AWG to 24AWG for signal connections. This versatility ensures compatibility with different system requirements.

For configuration, the UMP connectors are available in 2 and 3 position wire-to-wire and wire-to-board formats for power-only applications. Additionally, there are mixed-signal and power options in 3 positions, which include 2 power and a bank of 8 signal contacts. This design allows for efficient integration of both power and signal in a single connector.

A notable feature of these connectors is their serviceability. They have removable, replaceable, and repairable contacts, a significant advantage for maintenance and longevity. Each connector has contact locks, ensuring stable and aligned connections throughout usage. For added convenience, TE offers pigtails in 1-foot lengths made from high-grade, flexible silicone wire rated at 200°C and 600V, with other wire options also available. The connectors can be optionally fitted with latches for secure mating.

The connectors are designed for up to 500 mating cycles in terms of durability and longevity. The power pins can handle 80A per contact continuously, while the signal pins are rated for 4A per contact continuous use. This design ensures reliable performance even in demanding environments, making the UMP connector kits a durable choice for a wide range of applications.

Assembly Instructions

Follow these instructions to get started: 

1. Strip the wires: Strip the insulation from the ends of the wires to the appropriate length.

2. Crimp the contacts: Crimp the contacts onto the ends of the wires using a crimping tool.

3. Insert the contacts into the connectors: Insert the contacts into the connectors according to the pinout diagram.

4. Attach the backshells: Attach the backshells to the connectors.

5. Install the seals: Install the seals to the connectors.

6. Connect the pigtails: Connect the pigtails to the other devices.

7. Test the connections: Test the continuity of the connections using a multimeter.


UMP connector kits are widely used in UAVs, providing reliable power and signal connections for various components, including motors, sensors, and communication systems. These connectors are also used in UGVs, ensuring efficient power delivery and signal transmission for wheels, actuators, and control systems. Regarding ROV applications, UMP connector kits provide robust power and signal transmission connections in underwater environments. The connectors are also suitable for robotics applications, ensuring reliable power and signal delivery for robotic arms, motors, and control systems. The connector kits are also used in industrial automation applications, providing secure power and signal transmission connections in various industrial machinery and equipment.