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SKYRON is an intelligent flying robot for remote Non-Destructive Testing.


Flight TimeUnlimited
Weight - Base Drone5.5
Weight - UT Arm2.0
Weight - Gimbal1.7
Smart Tether System - Weight16
Smart Tether System - Length50-100
Smart Tether System - Peak Power3500
Smart Tether System - Temperature Range-20 to 45
SKYRON VT - Optical Zoom3x
SKYRON VT - Full Frame Sensor24


SKYRON is an intelligent flying robot with unparalleled performance for remote Non-Destructive Testing. Its cutting-edge Smart Tethered System provides unlimited flying time. This tethered robot can conduct ultrasonic thickness and visual inspections using various measurement tools.

SKYRON features a specially designed brush system and an advanced Rotary Arm that can attach to various surfaces, providing a stable platform for precise readings. Moreover, the robot comes equipped with a customized Olympus 38DL plus ultrasonic thickness gauge that delivers live values and A-scans. Overall, SKYRON is a game-changing innovation in the field of Non-Destructive Testing.



SKYRON is a versatile platform that can host different payloads. With its ability to switch between these payloads, SKYRON can transform into a Visual Inspection Flying Robot, or SKYRON VT, which is specifically designed for remote visual inspections. SKYRON VT is a highly efficient and precise tool that can perform both General and Close Visual Inspections—equipped with an integrated HD camera, LIDAR range sensor, and advanced lighting system that ensures professional and accurate visual inspections.


The Smart Tether System offers unlimited flight time and enables higher payloads for SKYRON. This is possible through an ultralight micro cable and automated cable winder, which does not interfere with the robot's inspection capabilities. As no battery is required, the size of SKYRON is reduced, enabling it to access more confined spaces while still carrying the necessary onboard gauges and sensors, plus a quicker completion of inspections. Additionally, the tether box facilitates real-time data capturing, ensuring efficient data management.


Avesoft is a proprietary reporting software that streamlines the inspection process by enhancing accuracy through data analysis and automating report generation. The software provides an intuitive interface and a dedicated platform for both operators and inspectors, allowing easy access to results and data by all parties involved in the inspections.

Avesoft eliminates the need to track down data, enabling timely and well-informed decision-making. With its user-friendly interface and automated report generation, Avesoft significantly simplifies the inspection process while improving accuracy.


Advanced Rotary Arm

The Advanced Rotary Arm attaches the robot to vertical, horizontal, angular, and curved surfaces for contact-based inspections, ensuring a stable platform while taking readings.

Ultrasonic Gauge & Transducer

A customized Olympus 38DL plus ultrasonic thickness gauge with 5MHz Dual-element can provide live values and A-scans on various surfaces and orientations.

Multipoint Scan

The Probe can scan and collect UT measurements at 25 spots within a 2'' x 2'' square.

HD Camera System

The SKYRON digital FPV (first-person-view) System provides the operators with a near-zero latency HD video feed, allowing for operations beyond line of sight.

Brush System

The custom-designed brush system smooths rough surfaces and removes debris before inspection, ensuring accurate readings.

Couplant Delivery System

Couplant is pumped to the surface before inspection, and an efficient dosing system minimizes the amount of liquid that must be carried on board the robot.


SKYRON UT conducts detailed ultrasonic thickness inspections. The Tethered Flying Robot utilizes the Smart Tether System and various tools to deliver accurate NDT inspections.

The SKYRON UT can convert to a Visual Inspection Tethered Flying Robot (SKYRON VT) that performs remote Visual Inspections efficiently and accurately. It can perform General and Close Visual Inspections.

Avesoft™ is a proprietary reporting software that simplifies the inspection process by improving accuracy through data analysis and automating report generation.

The Smart Tether System enables higher payloads and unlimited flight time for SKYRON. Using an ultralight micro cable and automated cable winder, the tether does not interfere with inspection capabilities.

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