Polyrix Polyscan XS

An immobile surround 3D scanner by Polyrix features optical lab table principle and fixed sensor system for small-size metrology applications.


Pillars 6 (small)
Cameras12 x 6, 12, or 24 megapixels
Projectors12 x Color - Full HD (4K optional) -> 20000 hrs
Dimensions1.5m x 1.5m x 1.8m
Operating Temperature5-35°C
Operating Humidity20-80% (Non-condensing)
Scan Time6-8 minutes
Operating SoftwaresPolyWorks, InspectorTM plug-in, PolyScan Control Center, Polyrix API
Volumetric Accuracy+/- 0.010mm
Max Part Size0.25m


3D metrology, otherwise known as the process of acquiring object 3D measurements, provides digital 3D models perfect for analysis and retro-engineering. The process not only guarantees product quality but also lowers costs as it saves time. However, errors in scanning prove to be a concern in 3D metrology. These issues arise from seven main reasons, such as wrong reference point selection, scanner calibration, out-of-field view, out-of-range temperature, misalignment in measurement, post-processing, and software problems. Projected angle and scan depth likewise affect dimensional accuracy.

PolyScan Surround 3D Scanners are a set of motionless devices equipped with multi-sensor 3D measurement systems. Produced by Polyrix is the Polyscan XS, a desktop 3D scanner designed for small-sized metrology or applications involving inspection. This simple-to-operate scanner only requires placing an object in the center and pressing scan. This automated 3D metrology requires no trajectory programming or collision risk, robot safety requirements, and complex scan registration with targets or software.


Combining 210 scanning units, the PolyScan XS can measure dimensions up to 250mm. With its 5µm volumetric accuracy, it fits for high precision applications. A full-part inspection only requires 6 minutes for completion, making XS a fit for metrology lab or shop-floor installations. There is no moving part in the 3D Surround Scanner, which makes PolyScan a solution for general purpose metrology demands or automated inspections.

The design involves the optical lab table principle, which uses a structure of granite meant for optimal metrology dynamics with vibration-damping mount supports. The system’s mechanical structure remains stable as the braces keep a rigid mounting on the isolation pads for blocking vibrations. The optimized design is safe and simple, especially within industrial environments.

Polyrix PolyScan Surround 3D Scanners remain immobile while inspecting. At first glance, a fixed sensor system may look disadvantageous during coverage compared to a moving one. But with all optical units networked together, the triangulation baseline number probing the part combinatorically increases.

The unique calibration frees the scanner from data alignment, increasing the multiple baseline accuracy during measurement and providing complete coverage even for parts that are too complex. The surround scanner removes the need to program inspection trajectory, which is the case in CMM and robot scanning solutions since the scanner quickly captures data from each angle—eliminating lost time caused by sensor movement.


The fully scalable Polyscan surround design has a core software that handles an arbitrary number of units positioned at arbitrary yet precisely calibrated locations. This design not only paves customization for particular needs but also grants customer requests involving configuration that will adapt to a particular shape.


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