project specification

Pi Zero Prism

Pi Zero Prism is the upgraded version of the Pi Zero Smart glass. It features image, facial, and OCR recognition, and can be used to browse the internet.


 Challenge The Project Addresses

Dangerous protesters and rioters with masks destroy property and harm others, without the thought of any consequences through their anonymity. The theory of identifying a masked person in real-time, reduces their chances of them causing a crime. By adding a Pi Noir V2 IR with either a 680nm, 720nm, 850nm, 950mm filter, you can see through the black-masked material.

This project helps gain an understanding of designing a Pi Smart Glass and learning how to program with different API Recognition on the Raspberry Pi.

Learning Objectives

  • Students will learn to use Raspberry Pi Zero.
  • Students will learn to create/use Schematics.
  • Students will learn to Solder.
  • Students will learn Python coding.
  • Students will understand image recognition API.
  • Students will experience hands-on construction.
  • Students create Smart Glasses.

The project also includes programming in Python and Bash. Basic understanding of Machine Vision and facial recognition, image search recognition, OCR recognition API.