OceanEye provides 24/7 maritime aerial surveillance from fixed locations such as harbour areas and camps or moving vehicles. The system is more adaptable to inclement weather than fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, drones or satellite sensing systems.

Maritime Robotics


Weight425 kg
Length120 cm
Width80 cm
Height159 cm


Moored with a tether from the deployable Base Unit, a weather-proof, helium filled Balloon carries a triple SensorUnit capable of producing high resolution day and night (EO/IR) imagery and geo-location with the embedded AIS (Automatic Identification System) receiver. 

Images and footage from the SensorUnit are transmitted wirelessly to the BaseUnit. With customized OverView software, a touch-screen ViewerTerminal displays daylight and infrared information for reconnaissance and rapid response. The real-time view and maritime chart with AIS overlay provide accurate information, targeting and geographic loaction of moving vessels, land lines and fixed installations.

The baseunit
Contains of a docking station, winch control panel, helium-filling and storage unit. The system with base unit, balloon and sensor unit is suitable for air freight & small vehicle transport. Completely self-contained and rapidly deployable with footprint as standard ISO pallet. 

Helium-filled OceanEye® balloon carries the airborne sensor unit for persistent aerial surveillance. 

Triple sensor unit (EO/IR/AIS). Wireless, real-time day & night video and imagery. Elevated AIS receiver for increased ship detection range. The compact camera is attached to the balloon, which makes the high quality footage from the OceanEye Sensor unit stabile. The product is built out of solid and robust material that can handle harsh weather 

Viewer terminal
The system contains a rugged Viewer terminal with touch based OverView software. This controls the OceanEye Sensor unit and displays sensor data and position of video-view cross-hair.


Describes the technology, its applications, and specifications.


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