Industrial smart gripper

Smart flexible gripper able to sense the environment that surrounds it.

Tampere University of Technology


Sensorsforce sensor, temperature sensor, machine vision
Manufacturing technique 3D-printing
Design software Design software


The device recollects information about the environment that surrounds it and sends it to the control system. This system is able to process it and react to the data received, correct the movements and interact with the environment. It is able to develop a wide amount of tasks without the need to change the gripper.

The configuration of the finger plus the mechanism added to it allows the gripper to perform different kinds of grasping. These types are inside grasping, tips grasping, punctual grasping and scissor grasping. 

There are sensors added in the gripper for improving the functionality and flexibility. Examples are; a force sensor, a temperature sensor, and machine vision. 


Describes the design of the smart and flexible gripper. Goes into the history of grippers, their evolution, and describes multiple forms of grippers.

A. Aparisi. - Master Thesis, June 2016.

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