An innovative power mobility device that turns almost any manual wheelchair into a power wheelchair. It's a low cost device for those who need occasional power and want to stay in the comfort of their own wheelchair.



Weight>15 kg
Wheelchair size40 - 66 cm
Height folded >16.5 cm
MotorGolden Motors brushless drive system


indieGo is a power wheelchair alternative for use in accessible environments like inside the home, in school, at work, or during trips to the park, grocery store, or mall. 

The system's uniquely designed expansion systems allow it to adapt to a wide variety of manual wheelchair widths and wheel sizes without any tools or modifications to the wheelchair. indieGo's lightweight rollable frame and collapsible joystick mount allow the entire system to be easily rolled, picked up, carried, and placed in the trunk of a car or stored between uses.


Describes the project, it's features, has user testing video's, and information about the team.

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