project specification

HDL-64E LiDAR sensor

LiDAR sensor for obstacle detection and navigation of autonomous ground vehicles.


Diameter 215 mm
Height 283 mm
Power Consumption 60 W
Operating Voltage 12 - 32 V
Weight12.7 kg
Operating Temperature -10 / +60 C
Storage Temperature -40 / +85 C
Measurement Range up to 120 cm
Range Accuracy Up to ±2
Field of View (Vertical) +2.0 to -24.9 °
Angular Resolution (Vertical) 0.4 °
Field of View (Horizontal) 360 °
Angular Resolution (Horizontal/Azimuth)0.08– 0.35
Rotation Rate 5 - 20 Hz
Laser Product Classification Class 1 Eye-safe
Wavelength 903 nm
3D LiDAR Data Points Generated Single Return Mode ~1,300,000 points per second
Dual Return Mode ~2,200,000 points per second
Connection 100 Mbps Ethernet Connection
UDP Packets Contain Time of Flight Distance Measurement
Intensity Measurement
Rotation Angles
Synchronized Time Stamps (μs resolution)
GPS$GPRMC NMEA Sentence from GPS Receiver


The HDL-64E S3 is a high resolution and performance LiDAR sensor product. It captures high definition, real-time 3D information about the surrounding environment. It is ideal for applications such as
autonomous vehicle navigation, 3D mapping and surveying plus industrial automation.

The HDL-64E S3 provides high resolution and field of views to generate data about the surrounding environment. It utilizes 64 LiDAR channels with a vertical field of view of 26.9° and delivers a real-time 360° horizontal field of view with its patented rotating head design. The rotation rate is user-selectable from 5 Hz to 20 Hz to enable the user to determine the density of data points generated by the LiDAR sensor. The HDL-64E S3 generates a point cloud of up to ~2,200,000 points per second with a range
of up to 120 m. The HDL-64E S3 is designed to operate over a wide temperature range and challenging environments to support diverse operating conditions and applications.


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Outline drawing of the sensor.