Modeling generated through mathematical algorithms and the study of forms that nature offers us every day, has allowed to develop a unique design.



Manufacturing method3D printing
Microprocessors Arduino
ActuatorActuonix PQ12 Micro Linear actuator


Hand is more resistant to the efforts during operation. Project parameters are modified to uplift the strength it manages to do, so it's ready for most of everyday exercises, how to lift objects, tighten handles, and then interact with the outside world as a biological handAnother unique feature of Youbionic Hand is modularity, each finger is stand-alone and has been designed to be part of alternative configurations. Soon, components will be available that allow different assemblies: you will be able to create three-finger clamps for installations on anthropomorphic robots or wearable human-armored devices.

We have designed effective and very simple mechanical assembly solutions.
There are no metal parts or gears, the Hand is composed exclusively of pieces made of 3D printing and fixing screws.
The Hand will be able to perform movements you've never seen in any other Robot.

You can have it work in a workspace to perform routine tasks.
To experiment with artificial intelligence applications.
You can assemble it on a rover and control it remote


Contains the 3D files, assembly instructions, actuator information, technical drawings, and the wire diagrams.


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