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It all began with developing our own high-power 60W large laser cutter and engraver a year and a half ago, we turned it into a smaller version of a desktop laser cutter and engraver and named it Smart Laser Mini.

In June 2016, FABOOL Laser Mini, raised around $60 million, which was the highest amount ever in the history of major crowdfunding platforms in Japan as well as the second-highest among laser cutter campaigns in the world.

This time we are releasing the upgraded version as FABOOL Laser Mini, with improved usability, stylish design, and 1/4 of assembly time.

  • “Scalability” which adapts to the needs of users

    Extension of parts allows users to customize based on their needs. (e.g. Expanding the frame which leads to 1m*1m processing range, replacing the laser head to one with can produce higher output). Also, because both the hardware and software are open-source it's possible to add custom functions.

  • Satisfying a wide range of needs by providing sufficient machine performance

    Equipped with a high-spec motor driver and high-speed microcomputer chip, FABOOL Laser Mini can be used in various situations from designing, to teaching, to prototyping, and more!

  • User-friendly cloud-based software

    The free all-in-one software, which is cloud-based and works on the browser, includes functions such as creating and retrieving the processed data of products - sharing all those data and images of the products among other users.

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