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BRIXX® Packing Automation System

A modular click-and-play system to automate repetitive packing and co-packing processes.


Product CategoryCollaborative Robots
Input Voltage400
Conveyor Length1.5
ApplicationsPalletizing, de-palletizing, labelling, re-labelling, pick and place, carton closing, carton forming, tray forming and mixing
Mobile ApplicationAndroid


BRIXX® is a new, modular, click-and-play solution based on intuitive software to reduce manual operations and allow quick transformations for co-packing lines. Advanced, mobile conveyors and robots automate manual, repetitive packing and co-packing processes.

Modular Approach For Rapid Automation

The BRIXX® system comprises conveyor and robot modules that work with an intuitive software overlay. The modules are easy to move, connect, and power and can be configured in various ways to suit the packing needs of thier location. They are also equipped with visual indicators for operational status, a built-in vision system, and automatic calibration. The modules use the same power connection, simplifying their setup and maintenance.

The robotic arm module has a moveable, connectable base, multi-degree arm, and an end-of-arm single or multi-pick vacuum gripper. The conveyor belt line is a simple unit with a speed-adjustable conveyor belt that can link to other units to form continuous packing lines.

The platform features several customization options to fit industry-specific requirements. More importantly, it can handle various operations based on conveyor applications. It operates on 400 VAC and features a separate power supply unit that enables easy troubleshooting. Moreover, all the modules can connect to a single power connection, manageable via a control cabinet included in the unit.

Easy-to-Use Software Enables Customization and Control

The automation and packaging system comes with its own BRIXX® software. It allows users to design their conveyor layouts according to environmental constraints. There is drag-and-drop functionality to design the hardware layout and additional step-by-step visual instructions for code configuration. Hence, the user can rearrange the robotic modules and change instructions and configurations in the code according to the hardware setup. The system supports up to 5 different conveyor layouts. 

The BRIXX® software also features a built-in SKU management system with a selector guide, allowing the user to manage inventory. It also features MES-ERP integration tools thanks and an optional unified name-space MQTT open interface to support inventory management for packaging and labeling units. 

The system also allows up to 4 user levels to help set up various permissions and restrictions on controls. It has real-time monitoring features that include alarms and OEE indicators. Moreover, remote assistance packages and an integrated HMI system are helpful for preventative maintenance and planning.  

The software features PackML standard support backup and restores features in IPC for additional security. Each unit has a dedicated software license and an additional Android application to enhance functionality for packaging line operators. 


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