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Apex Microtechnology EK74 Evaluation Kit

Comprehensive platform for evaluating the PA165 power amplifier, designing and testing robust power amplifier systems.


ProductEvaluation Kit
TypeAmplifier IC Development Tools
For Evaluation OfPA165 Power Amplifier
Frequency Range500 MHz to 2.7 GHz
Output Power20 W
Power Consumption10 W
Power Supply Voltage12 V
ApplicationsCellular Base Stations, Satellite Communication Systems, Microwave Backhaul, Aerospace and Defense systems, Test and Measurement Equipment


The Apex Microtechnology EK74 evaluation kit is a versatile tool to evaluate the PA165 power amplifier, design power amplifier systems, and gain insights about power amplifiers. The kit includes everything you need to start, including a circuit board, the PA165 power amplifier, and all necessary components. To use the EK74 evaluation kit, connect the circuit board to a power supply and an input signal. The output signal can then be monitored using an oscilloscope or other suitable test equipment. The kit also includes a user manual that provides detailed instructions on using the kit and evaluating the PA165. The EK74 evaluation kit can be used for applications, including designing and evaluating power amplifier systems for cellular base stations, microwave backhaul, and satellite communication systems.

EK74 Evaluation Kit Features  

This kit has the PA165 pre-mounted on a dedicated daughter board, streamlining the setup and testing process. PA165 high voltage power operational amplifier is a monolithic core designed for high-density power applications. It features a wide bandwidth of 500 MHz to 2.7 GHz, a high gain of 35 dB, and an output power of 20 W. The PA165 is also highly efficient, with a power consumption of only 10 W.

The evaluation kit has input protection diodes and power supply bypass capacitors to ensure safe and optimal performance. Additionally, compensation capacitors are provided to stabilize the amplifier's operation, especially when adjustments are made to its gain or bandwidth. Another feature of the EK74 kit is its additional prototype area, which allows users to delve into and analyze various standard and proprietary circuit configurations. 

While the kit is packed with all the necessary components for a thorough evaluation, users will need to have a power supply, function generator, and oscilloscope. A suitable heatsinking system is required, primarily when operations are conducted at higher current levels.

Getting Started with EK74 Evaluation Kit  

Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Connect the power supply to the EK74 Evaluation Kit.

  2. Connect the input signal source to the EK74 Evaluation Kit.

  3. Connect the output signal measurement device to the EK74 Evaluation Kit.

  4. Apply power to the EK74 Evaluation Kit.

  5. Apply an input signal to the EK74 Evaluation Kit.

  6. Measure the output signal of the EK74 Evaluation Kit.

Here are some additional tips for getting started with the EK74 Evaluation Kit:

  • Do not change the connections while the circuit is powered

  • Be careful not to overload the input or output of the PA165 Power Amplifier.

  • Monitor the temperature of the PA165 Power Amplifier to avoid overheating.

  • Use a high-quality input signal source to avoid introducing distortion into the output signal.

  • Initially, set all power supplies to the minimum operation levels allowed in the device datasheet.


The EK74 provides a simple and easy-to-use platform for testing the PA165 Power Amplifier's gain, output power, and other parameters. It can be used to design power amplifier systems for a variety of applications, such as cellular base stations, microwave backhaul, and satellite communication systems. The kit provides a way to test and optimize the performance of the power amplifier system before it is deployed in the field. A microwave backhaul engineer can use the EK74 evaluation kit to design and test a power amplifier system for a new microwave backhaul link. Similarly, a cellular base station designer can use the EK74 evaluation kit to design and evaluate a power amplifier system for a new cellular base station.



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