Product Specification

AAEON UP Squared Pro 7000 Developer Board

High-performance computing developer boards to boost development potential


Product TypeSingle Board Computer
Form Factor4 x 4 inches
Processor Intel ® Atom ® x7000E Series, Intel Processor N- series, or Intel Core™ i3- N305
Max RAM Capacity16 GB
Installed RAM8 GB
On board storage 64 GB
Supply Voltage12 V


AAEON UP Squared Pro 7000 Developer boards are a series of diverse high-performance computing developer boards with an upgraded design and extended displace interface. The single-board computers are available with a versatile choice of Intel processors. The boards feature an upgraded LPDDR5 system memory onboard to enhance their computational and functional speed with an upgraded set of I/O features. Its advanced connectivity features and flexible I/O interfaces make them a useful option for various prototyping and development in robotics, IoT, and industrial electronics.

Powerful Computation with a Robust Collection of Processors

The AAEON UP Squared Pro 7000 offers an intriguing choice of processors, which includes:

  • Intel Atom x7000E Series

  • Intel Processor N-Series (N97 and N50)

  • Intel Core™ i3-N305 Processor

Thanks to such advanced computational power, the board can be used to perform high-end operations involving complex computing such as image processing, machine learning, etc. Therefore, they provide convenient development options for researchers and developers who prefer a portable platform.

Moreover, the memory management of the AAEON UP Squared 7000 boards enhances their operational efficiency. The LPDDR5 onboard memory features a preinstalled 8GB RAM but is extendable up to 16 GB. Therefore, it can efficiently handle multitasking without glitches and breakdowns. A 64GB onboard storage allows developers to conveniently store relevant files and documents to support the development and testing of different systems.

The AAEON UP Squared Pro 7000 boards also feature the Intel UHD Graphics Gen 12, which offers improved graphical performance than the Intel integrated graphics solutions. Moreover, the boards have dedicated hardware for various tasks like video encoding and multimedia platform enhancement that reduces computational strain on the processor. Therefore, it provides hardware acceleration and allows the boards to provide smooth video playback and multi-media performance. 

Expandable IOs and Upgraded Connectivity Features

The form factor and convenient connectivity features make the board a useful portable development option. They have an expandable display interface featuring a DP1.2, HDMI 2.0b, and a DP1.4a (USB Type-C) IO connector for external display devices. 

The boards also feature up to five USB connection ports, including type A and type C connectors. They can also connect to a camera via a dedicated IPI-CSI via a 61-pin FPC connector, making them a viable option for image processing and real-time video capturing operations.  

The boards offer multiple IO expansion options with a 40-pin GPIO header and SATA3 ports. For a 4 x 4-inch form factor, they are a powerful portable board that can withstand environmental stress, working reliably in temperatures from 0 to 60 degrees Celsius. Moreover, they can bear up to 90% humidity. Therefore, the boards provide several application cases for industrial setups involving image processing, robotics, IoT, etc. 

The boards feature onboard TPM 2.0 security and a built-in RTC module. The boards are compatible with various operating systems, such as:

  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 

  • Windows IoT Core 

  • Ubuntu 22.04 LTS 

  • Yocto 4

The AAEON UP Squared Pro 7000 are a relatively low-power board consuming up to 35W and operating at 12 Volts using an AT or ATX power supply. Thanks to a simplified operational design, the boards are suitable for various academic and industrial applications involving research, prototyping, and testing of electronic and embedded systems. 


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