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Thought3D combines knowledge of 3D printing, material chemistry, and engineering to provide products and services for reliable additive manufacturing. Today, Thought3D produces and sells Magigoo adhesives, Magigoo Coater and Drywise in-line dyer worldwide through a network of distributors and industry partners.

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A recent study conducted by Thought3D has delved into the impact of filament drying methods on the mechanical strength of 3D printed nylon parts. The study compared the performance of parts printed with untreated nylon, oven-dried nylon, and nylon dried using Drywise's in-line drying technology.

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Hygroscopic materials, like Nylon, absorb moisture, impacting print quality. Despite manufacturers' claims of low moisture content, over 55% of neat Nylon filaments are too wet out of the package. Drying these materials is crucial, but often the provided instructions are insufficient.

Hydration and Drying Challenges of Nylon 3D-printing Filaments

If you are printing with engineering-grade FFF materials, it is very likely that you need to dry your filaments before using them. This article will give an overview of your filament drying options, as well as their advantages, and their drawbacks!

Drying your FDM filaments, and keeping them dry: An overview