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Athens, GA, USA


Artificial Intelligence

What we do

Students and faculty affiliated with the THINC lab conduct cutting-edge research in AI and Robotics. We rigorously investigate various problems of interest in contexts such as multiagent systems, reinforcement learning, mobile robots, and the semantic web. We have published more than a hundred papers in top-tier research conferences such as AAAI, IJCAI, AAMAS, IROS, ICRA, and journals such as JAIR and JAAMAS. Our research is often multi-disciplinary and we collaborate with renowned researchers including psychologists, education specialists and biologists in the US and beyond. Our research has been funded by grants from NSF, multiple DoD agencies, NIH, and the industry.

Latest Posts

Cobots when combined with Artificial Intelligence(AI), can effectively work alongside humans in the real world on their daily tasks. With an AI technique called Inverse Reinforcement learning (IRL), the robot can observe a human performing the task and learn how to do it quite intuitively.

Can Robots watch Humans  and learn a task?