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Waltham, Massachusetts


At Markforged, we are on a mission to unlock the next 10x innovation in design and manufacturing. We build an Industrial 3D Printing Platform to liberate designers and engineers from decades-old, slow part creation processes. NASA, Google, Ford, Amazon, Siemens and thousands of companies in 50 countries use Markforged to print same-day prototypes and produce stronger end-use parts than they did before. With Markforged, customers are able to ship 50X faster, spend 20X less, and build products that are 23X stronger. The Markforged platform includes a full ecosystem of 3D printers for metal, composite, and plastic parts; purpose-built metal & carbon-reinforced materials for strength and beautiful finishes; and cloud software for turning drawings into high-strength printing.

Latest Posts

Slicing software has been around since the very beginning of 3D printing, with digital slicing of STL files being one of the key features of Chuck Hull’s first stereolithography system. However, in the time since, slicing software has evolved beyond its base functions of simply converting 3D object models into machine instructions.

From Slicers to Performance Simulators: Evolution of Industrial 3D Printing Software