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Soft Robotics Podcast

What we do

This podcast is dedicated to the (soft) robotics community and audience who are interested in (soft)robotics technology. We interview guests from both academia and industry where we discuss their latest research besides highlighting the challenges that face robotics in the academic and industrial worlds. Since technology should interact with not only scientists, we are also interviewing philosophers, kids, and laypeople how they feel and think about robotics.

Latest Posts

Interesting discussion with Hod Lipson, the head of Creative Machines Lab, Columbia University in New York. In this episode, Can robots be Self-aware? Can robots design other robots and self-repair? Why should we evolve robots to do tasks that animals do so well?

Soft Robotics With Hod Lipson

Thoughtful discussion with Prof.Metin Sitti about physical intelligence, Wireless soft miniature medical robots actuation, and computation, What are the unavoidable trade-offs in material design? The role of evolutionary methodology for designing responsive materials, how you get disruptive ideas.

Soft Robotics With Metin Sitti