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RE2 Robotics

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RE2 Robotics develops the RE2 Sapien family of intelligent mobile manipulation systems that operate in a variety of complex indoor and outdoor environments for use in the aviation, construction, defense, energy, and medical industries. RE2’s mission is to develop mobile manipulation systems that empower humans to do their jobs safely and efficiently. RE2 Sapien arms provide human-like capabilities beyond traditional industrial arms and cooperative robots. RE2 Sapien arms can operate in both structured and unstructured environments, including outdoors in harsh weather and in in constrained indoor settings like operating rooms. The arms feature high strength-to-weight ratios, precise control, and dexterity that matches or exceeds the performance of human arms.

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RE2 Robotics develops robotic manipulation systems with human-like performance, intuitive robot interfaces and advanced autonomy software that can operate in both indoor and outdoor environments..

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