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Additive Manufacturing

What we do

polySpectra makes functional materials for advanced additive manufacturing. We use light-activated catalysts to 3D print advanced functional materials. Our modular platform enables us to deliver materials with a broad spectrum of tailored properties from a single chemical system. We call this process functional lithography. polySpectra helps inventors, designers, and engineers make their ideas real.

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The vision for text-to-3D generative AI is not without its challenges.

Teaching AI CAD (is hard)

Advancements in 3D printing have helped to lower the cost of robotics innovation by more than 40,000x! This article explains how that happened and highlights 5 categories of end-use robotics components that can be made on-demand with additive manufacturing today.

Democratizing Robotics Innovation with Additive Manufacturing

Accelerate design cycles. Lower development costs. Reduce waste.

Massless Prototyping with Augmented Reality

Engineers have tremendous leverage in humanity's race to curb the most disastrous impacts of climate change. Massless offers a framework to accelerate innovation and decelerate climate change at the same time.

Engineering with a Massless Mindset

He was a runner-up in our Make It Real 3D Printing Challenge. His idea was to create a very low-cost brain-controlled prosthetic arm.

A 3D printed prosthetic arm controlled with your brain

We announce the eleven shortlisted finalists of the Make it Real 3D Printing Challenge.

Make it Real 3D Printing Challenge Finalists Announcement