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Plainsight streamlines vision AI for enterprises with new ways to analyze, share and benefit from valuable visual information. Solving problems where others have failed, Plainsight helps the world’s most innovative customers realize the potential of their data through smart, easy to use, effective solutions. Our intuitive, low-code platform gives every team across organizations the ability to build, manage, and operationalize solutions. With actionable insights and unblinking accuracy, Plainsight powers enterprise-ready applications to automate processes, mitigate risk, enhance product portfolios, and increase revenue opportunities.

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5 Questions to Ask Before Getting Started with Data Annotation: What is data annotation? Why is it essential? What are common label types for models? How do AI-powered data annotation tools help with the computer vision labeling process? What’s the best way to get started?

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The GCP “Architecting Cloud Solutions” podcast hosts the CEO of Plainsight, Carlos Anchia, to talk about Plainsight’s no-code vision AI platform that utilizes Google Cloud services such as Vertex AI.

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If you own, manage or operate a livestock operation, counting your animals and monitoring the movement of your livestock is a critical part of your business. See how Vision AI can help improve the process.

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