Nicolas Sarmiento Sierra




Sustainability Consultant


Nicolas is a technologist and nature lover. He works as a Sustainability and Climate Change consultant focusing on Circular Economy in the Chemical Industry and Life Cycle Assessment of products.

Latest Posts

Single-board computers are an increasingly attractive option to shift electricity grid management towards more advanced and less resource consuming smart grids.

Enhancing Electrical Grid Management with emerging SBC technology

Technologies have played a vital role to provide practical solutions to expensive and risky space projects. With the advent of more precise instruments and techniques, observations in more distant space regions are being enabled which could hold the key to understanding the origins of the universe.

Precision technologies are game changers for future space exploration

The challenges of EV charging must be addressed quickly to ensure the rapid adoption of electric transportation.

The future of EV charging

Article #2 Altair Startup Series. The URWAHN Bikes success story and how the company has benefited from Advanced Computer Integrated Technology.

Improving 3D-Printed bicycle structures with Integrated Topology Optimization

Simulation of both vehicles and systems will help to enable sustainable delivery.

Simulation makes last-mile driverless delivery feasible

Simulation supports the sustainability of AVs by bringing down the environmental costs of developing self-driving cars.

Reducing the carbon footprint of autonomous vehicles with simulation technologies.