Mitch Myrvold


New York, USA




Mitch Myrvold’s career at Stratasys started on the technical support team, where he immersed himself in PolyJet technology. With a passion for learning new information and synthesizing concepts from multiple disciplines, he advanced into a training role as the youngest Technical Trainer Stratasys has ever had. Today, he develops and delivers training content for customers in the Americas. Leveraging his degree in Interdisciplinary Design and his technical background, he is developing new ways to bring the worlds of design and additive manufacturing together.

Latest Posts

Color, Material, and Function (CMF) are three things to consider when designing a new product. When used appropriately and combined with additive manufacturing, they can help set your product apart from competition when others have brand recognition, lower price, or better technical specs.

Functional Aesthetics in Additive Manufacturing

Designing a product for full color 3D printing can be a bit of a nightmare because you need a way to convert your files into the file extension type that allows you to print without losing the design intention. Read further to learn how I do it at Stratasys.

What is DFAM vs Design for Rendering