Krzysztof Loska


Trondheim, Norway


Technical Product Manager


Krzysztof Loska serves as a board member for the Thread Group. He has spent over a decade in embedded systems and the low power wireless industry and joined Nordic Semiconductor in 2014. He works as a Technical Product Manager with responsibility for 802.15.4, Zigbee, Thread, Thread-based ecosystems and other technologies. Krzysztof holds M.Sc.Eng in Electronics and Telecommunications and graduated in Software Engineering on postgraduate studies.

Latest Posts

Evidently, a single wireless protocol will not reign over a widely adopted smart home sector. By combining the powers of leading protocols, innovative OEMs and technology companies can develop wireless products and services that "just work."

Wireless protocols working together for the smart home

To address the existing barriers to IoT growth and adoption and breathe new life into the smart home market, members of the Connectivity Standards Alliance (formerly Zigbee Alliance) have launched 'Matter' (formerly Project Connected Home Over IP or Project CHIP).

Project Connected Home Over IP (Project CHIP) becomes Matter

The newest Apple's HomeKit Accessory Protocol specification opens strategic and marketing opportunities for Nordic customers. Nordic SW and HW support the extended HomeKit with both Thread and Bluetooth LE options.

Apple releases HomeKit with Thread networking protocol