Kristoffer Rist Skoien


Trondheim, Norway


Senior R&D Engineer


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Embedded developers are often accustomed to bare metal programming or have reservations towards using an RTOS. Here’s what they are, and why you should consider using one.

RTOS: Real-Time Operating Systems for Embedded Developers

The range advantages of Bluetooth 5 open up new opportunities in the domain of remote-controlled vehicles, such as cars, boats, and drones. Radio-controlled toys have delighted kids and adult enthusiasts for generations.

Bluetooth 5 for Remote Controlled Toys

Before evaluating the various connectivity options for your IoT project, it’s important to understand the functional architecture of IoT solutions.

About Wireless IoT Architecture

The introduction of cellular IoT technology has helped transform animal tracking solutions from a nice-to-have to an efficient solution that will save farmers time and money.

Animal Tracking: Cellular IoT In The Field