Keshav Sundaresh


Orange, CA


High-tech Software Product Manager


I help agile, rapid-growth software companies create, market, and drive business for their customer-focused solutions that yield profitable customer relationships and enduring customer loyalty. My specialties include: • Distilling complex technical capabilities of simulation, high performance computing, and data analytics technology into clear and actionable business-oriented value propositions. • Creating bespoke solutions for customers by collaborating with various stakeholders within my organization. • Influencing multiple stakeholders without direct authority. • Breaking silos and creating collaborative, streamlined multi-disciplinary Product Development processes for Digital Twin/ Mechatronic systems and Data Analytics. • Enabling holistic performance optimization at the system-of-system level via Model Based Systems Engineering.

Latest Posts

“TRICK” is a simple, compelling acronym that serves you on your digital twin journey. It’s a framework to help separate true digital twin technology from fancy-looking interactive CAD models, which are not digital twins but rather mere digital shadows.

The TRICK to Digital Twin Technology Adoption