Jeff Shepard


Norco, CA


Jeff, a seasoned expert in power electronics, has been writing about electronic components and technology topics for over three decades. Starting his career as a Senior Editor at EETimes, he later founded Powertechniques, a power electronics design magazine with a monthly circulation of over 30,000. Jeff is the author of a switch-mode power supply textbook titled "Power Supplies," published by Prentice Hall's Reston division. An accomplished inventor, Jeff holds 17 U.S. patents in thermal energy harvesting and optical metamaterials fields. He is a highly-regarded industry source and frequent speaker on global trends in power electronics, having been invited to present at numerous industry events such as IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference, Semicon West, Global Semiconductor Alliance Emerging Opportunities Conference, IBM Power and Cooling Symposium, and Delta Electronics Senior Staff Seminar on Global Telecommunications Power.

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