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Metal Industry / Wire Weaving Division

What we do

Haver & Boecker is one of the world's leading manufacturers of wire cloth for industry and technology. As a medium-sized family-owned company, we have played a decisive role in shaping the technology of wire weaving for more than 130 years. We develop and use innovative manufacturing processes to fabricate wire cloth into filters and fabricated parts for filtration or cleaning, for the protection of people or sensitive electronics, or for the uniform flow of a gaseous, liquid, or solid medium. These products are used in many different branches: primarily for screening and filtration in the chemical, automotive and food industries, in medical technology, aviation and aerospace and in the energy and environment sector.

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Resource scarcity and climate change are major challenges for today's (and tomorrow's) industries: More efficient processes and reduced emissions are needed to keep pace in a globalised world. Cutting-edge technologies like AI and renewable energies are making a valuable contribution.

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In the automotive industry, the focus is on seamlessly integrating advanced technologies such as touchscreens, digital dashboards and driver assistance systems into the interior without compromising driving comfort or aesthetics.

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The role of renewable energy and hydrogen as an alternative energy source is of interest to many modern industries. Hydrogen is cleaner, more efficient and more sustainable than fossil fuels and has the potential to replace them.

Wire mesh for efficient handling of hydrogen

In a world that is increasingly dependent on electronic technology, EMC protection plays a vital role in a wide range of industries. Whether in automotive, aerospace or power generation, EMC protection is essential for the reliability, safety and performance of electronic systems.

Electromagnetic Compatability protection in industry: The indispensable pillar for safe and reliable systems

Operators of fine filtration systems need to move fluid efficiently from one side of the filter to the other while achieving the desired filtration amount. The article examines how a three-dimensional woven metal filter cloth optimises the flow conditions and avoids turbulences around the filter.

How a 3D High Performance Metal Filter Cloth increases filtration flow

In plastic injection moulding, edgings and complete fabricated parts are made from metal wire mesh.

Perfection in detail - Plastics engineering in the Wire Weaving Division