Ebrahim Poustinchi


Kent, Ohio




Ebrahim Poustinchi, an award-winning designer, artist, and inventor, is Associate Professor of Architecture and founder/director of the Robotically Augmented Design (RAD) Lab at Kent State University. His research is focused on UI/UX, Human-Machine Interaction, physical computation, and tangible interfaces. Ebrahim has widely lectured, taught workshops, and exhibited his work nationally and internationally. His work has been disseminated worldwide in various venues including the International Journal of Architectural Computing, Journal of Engineering Technology, ACADIA, CAADRIA, eCAADe, SIGraDi, ASCA, the Museum of Moscow and the Meyerhold Theatre Center in Russia, the Arab American National Museum in Michigan, Jan Koniarek Gallery in Slovakia, Fully Booked Art Fair in Dubai, and Levantine Cultural Center, Perloff Gallery, A+D Museum in Los Angles, and over ten different galleries, and museums in Iran, to name a few. Ebrahim is the inventor of two patents focusing on the creative use of industrial robotics.

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