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The careful study of materials for 3D printed medical models has enabled Medics to simulate bone structure in prototypes, offering physicians the most realistic, highly customized simulation possible, and at the same time, eco-friendly and with a simplified storage and refill process.

Medics: 3D printing medical models to make surgery safer

Get inspired by 3 innovative applications that allowed Trivium to keep their can production line running by 3D printing replacement parts and molds.

Trivium: 3D printing replacement parts for automated packaging lines

The last time prices for groceries and gas rose this quickly was 1981. Four decades later, inflation in the US hit 9.1% in June, causing national banks to turn the dial on interest rates in an effort to cool the economy – without freezing it into recession.

5 ways to ride out inflation with 3D printing

3D printing offers a new and accessible way to put manufacturing back in the heart of young people in Belfast, who aspire to design and reimagine the future.

Urban Scale Interventions: 3D printing sustainable lighting installations

Not all products can be 3D printed. Nor should they be. Why? Because 3D printing will never rival the economies of scale found in mass-produced commodities.

6 overlooked benefits of 3D printing for your supply chain

Ultimaker is proud to announce the release of its new PETG material, designed specifically for great results with Ultimaker 3D printers.

Introducing Ultimaker PETG: Setting the standard for industrial applications