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Artificial Intelligence

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AILIVERSE is a startup based in Singapore to develop advanced no-code SaaS for custom vision AI models. We are transforming the AI development pipeline to solve complex problems faster, cheaper, easier & democratizing AI to all users. Powered by our award-winning technology in unsupervised domain adaptation, our platform (NeuCore) allows anyone to build bespoke vision AI models with only 10% of the training data with 1 simple click. This reduces time to value for organizations' AI initiatives from months to hours or minutes. We possess fundamental & defensible AI innovations. We distinguish ourselves from others that focused on incremental refinement or delivery of standardized technology.

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AI capital – the emerging capital resource for businesses and the economy as a whole. With AI capital, it is transforming the nature of work and creating new opportunities and challenges for businesses and workers. The future of work will be characterized by the increasing use of AI technologies to augment human capabilities and drive innovation. However, to fully realize the potential of AI capital, it is important to democratize access to AI and ensure that they are developed and deployed in a responsible and ethical manner.

AI Capital & the Future of Work: The Importance of Democratizing AI to Unlock Innovation and Economic Growth