The IoT Conference for Particle Customers + Users

Spectra is the IoT conference for Particle’s connected ecosystems. From enterprise customers, partners, and advocates, to builders, developers, and users, Spectra is your opportunity to learn and discuss IoT market trends, industry opportunities, and challenges.

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Particle will host Spectra, the free virtual IoT conference for Particle customers and users on June 21, 2023 at 9:00 AM PT.

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The event will cover topics including:

  • The latest exciting product announcements from Particle
  • What to consider while building your connected product strategy
  • Expert advice from others who have successfully scaled their products on Particle
  • Reliable strategies to unblock common bottlenecks in building and deploying IoT products
  • Particle’s first Climate Impact report, and a conversation about how IoT empowers ESG outcomes

Attending the event will be useful not just for existing Particle users but anyone interested in how Particle is working to democratize IoT development. Throughout the day, leaders in the field will educate attendees through keynotes, panel discussions and workshops. 

Live interaction & meaningful connections

Spectra places a big emphasis on real-time audience interaction. Each session will have a mix of Q&As, in-session chats, & polls. Plus – the opportunity to meet with peers, exchange ideas & network, facilitated by AI-enabled match-making.


You’ll have access to all recordings after the event is over, so you can go back an rewatch the sessions you didn’t catch live.

Watch 2022 recordings here.

Spectra 2023 Speakers

The event will feature speakers from across the Particle and Edge Impulse team who can offer advice on getting started on your projects to how to scale your ideas. 

More to be announced soon!

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June 21, 2023, 9:00 AM PT

Join thousands of product leaders, developers, and entrepreneurs for a day of IoT insights, business strategy, and product workshops.

Plus, Particle are giving away 200 Photon 2s! Register for a chance to win!

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