Simulate at the Speed of Design 2024

Learn how to reduce the risk and cost of late design, and manufacturing changes at the free Altair Virtual Global Event on May 16, 2024

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Accelerating product design with simulation 

When applied early in the development cycle, simulation (CAE, FEA) technologies can rapidly accelerate the creation of high-performance, profitable products. However, choosing and implementing the right simulation solution effectively can be challenging when you have limited resources.

If you are considering implementing simulation (CAE, FEA) for the first time or utilize CAD embedded simulation tools but are running into challenges with speed and accuracy or want to take the next step and explore multi-physics analysis, the free virtual event Simulate at the Speed of Design event on  May 16, 2024maybe for you.

Learn from your peers and Altair’s experts how a mixture of software, support, and know-how can help you be more efficient and effective in developing new products.

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Why should you attend?

Learn how small and medium organisations, are deploying Altair simulation (CAE, FEA) solutions such as Altair® Inspire™, SimSolid® and SimLab® to reduce the risk and cost of late design manufacturing changes.

Topics covered in the event

  • Presentations from small-medium business (SMB) customers of Altair and Altair Channel Partners, on their transition from CAD embedded simulation and how they successfully implemented CAE, FEA simulation in their product development workflow.
  • Generative design, Concept development, topology optimization or design for manufacture in Altair® Inspire™.
  • Rapid structural analysis in Altair SimSolid® for parts or large assemblies.
  • Drop test, thermal, CFD, fatigue or combined multiphysics analysis in Altair® SimLab®
  • Manufacturing feasibility, Process simulation with Inspire Cast, Inspire Form, Inspire Mold, or Inspire Print3D.

Sessions will feature live audio translation into English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. 

Who should attend?

  • Individuals working in the design department, including engineers, design managers, and heads of the design department
  • If you are using 3D CAD and considering adopting simulation tools (CAE, FEA) for the first time
  • Anyone experiencing difficulties with the speed and accuracy of CAD-embedded simulation (CAE, FEA) tools
  • CAE Engineers, analysts, and the head of the CAE department
  • If you are interested in exploring multi-physics analysis and looking to take the next step
  • Managers of related departments who rely on the CAE department or outsource simulation services

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Event Schedule and Speaker Lineup

Hear from a diverse lineup of industry experts who will share their insights and expertise on various aspects of product development and simulation technology. Following is a list of some of the notable speakers from the event. 

Simulation at the Speed of Design Speakers: 

Chief Product and Strategy Officer, Altair, 

Ravi Kunju will talk about the power of simulation in speeding up the design process. Drawing upon his extensive experience and expertise in product development and strategy, Ravi will provide insights into how simulation technologies can transform the design process, enabling engineers and designers to iterate rapidly and optimize product performance.

Co-Director, Simulation-driven Systems Development Practice, CIMdata,

Sandeepak Natu brings 27 years of experience in engineering simulation, entrepreneurship, and business management. He will share insights on advancing simulation adoption in SMEs and unlocking new avenues for growth and competitiveness.

Simulation Starters Speakers:

Product Manager at Altair for SimSolid,

Girish Mudigonda will be presenting on "SimSolid Cloud - Simulate Anywhere." He will discuss the capabilities of SimSolid Cloud, highlighting its versatility in enabling simulation from anywhere. Attendees can expect insights into the features, benefits, and practical applications of SimSolid Cloud, empowering them to conduct comprehensive simulations efficiently.

Engineering Manager at Modulift, UK,

Harshal Kulkarni will share insights into how Altair SimSolid has slashed design development time by 70%. He will highlight Modulift's experience with FEA analysis and the transition to Altair SimSolid, emphasizing its user-friendly interface and efficiency benefits for engineers.

Senior Engineer at Daewonsanup,

Kyungsoo Kim will address the challenges associated with squeak and rattle noise in vehicle seats and how they impact driver fatigue. He will discuss the analytical evaluation methods employed, including testing and CAE programs, to identify the root causes of these noises. Additionally, Kyungsoo will highlight the utilization of Altair SimSolid for efficient and accurate quantification of mechanical and electrical factors contributing to seat noise. 

Simulation Driven Design Speakers:

Director of GTT at Altair, 

Jaideep Bangal will lead the expert chat on "Accelerate Simulation-Driven Design with Altair Inspire." Drawing on his expertise, Jaideep will explore the capabilities of Altair Inspire for simulation-driven design, highlighting its role in accelerating the product development process. Attendees can expect insights into leveraging Inspire to optimize designs efficiently and effectively.

Representing Bionic MeshDesign,

Thomas Spoida will discuss strategies for accelerated gigacasting development, focusing on overcoming challenges in large-scale castings. Attendees can expect insights into innovative approaches for efficiently designing and optimizing large castings to expedite time-to-market and enhance product quality.

Exploring Multiphysics Speakers:

CAE Specialist Engineer at BeonD,

Luigi Scrimieri will present "How BeonD identifies cell thermal runaway behavior with SimLab." He will demonstrate how computational simulations, juxtaposed with experimental data, accurately predict cell thermal runaway, paving the way for scalable simulations to modules and full battery packs.

SimLab Specialist, Altair,

D V Siddharth and Senior Application Engineer, Bharadwaj Gundepudi will showcase the practical applications and capabilities of SimLab across various domains, including structures, thermal analysis, electronics, and motor simulations. Attendees can expect to gain insights into the versatility and effectiveness of SimLab in addressing diverse engineering challenges.

Manufacturing Simulation Speakers:

Chief Product and Strategy Officer at Altair,

Ravi Kunju will discuss the benefits of a Simulation-Driven Manufacturing (SDfM) approach, enabling product designers to detect design flaws earlier and optimize manufacturing processes. Attendees will gain valuable knowledge on leveraging simulation-driven design to streamline manufacturing processes and achieve optimal results.

Managing Director of Shiva ToolTech,

Shivaji Pawar will present a case study on expediting the design and fabrication process of casting dies for automotive components cast with Aluminium AlSi7Mg via Gravity Tilt Pouring. Attendees will learn how the integration of Inspire Cast significantly reduced die development times, demonstrating its efficacy in streamlining the casting process.

CEO of Presskon Engineering GmbH,

Gökhan Cetinkaya will present a case study illustrating the integration of Finite Element Method (FEM) simulation into their workflow. Gökhan will demonstrate how FEM simulation can assist design engineers in optimizing their workflows, reducing costs, and enhancing product quality.

Note: Please note that the event will be broadcast in two different time zones to accommodate attendees from various regions. Kindly refer to the respective time zone schedule to ensure you don't miss any sessions. 

For the full list of speakers and presentation times, visit the event page.