Next-gen mobility is about more than technology. Our workforce should reflect that.

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Next-gen mobility is about more than technology. Our workforce should reflect that.

A new online course for professionals aims to shape a more holistic view of mobility.

For decades, many Americans have taken mobility for granted. The age of internal combustion engines, owning or having access to an automobile, and going anywhere we want has been dominant in our lives. 

That changed this spring. In addition to the heavy toll of death and disease brought by COVID-19, the pandemic has also kept us more stationary. By disrupting the movement of people, goods and services that are at the heart of our economy and society, it has made clear how foundational mobility is to quality of life. 

The need for safe, equitable and efficient mobility solutions is more important than ever. The state of Michigan has long been taking steps in the right direction. On July 2, Gov. Whitmer announced the launch of the Office of Future Mobility and Electrification. And on Aug. 13, she and partner organizations including the University of Michigan announced an initiative to develop a first-of-its-kind corridor for connected and autonomous vehicles in Southeast Michigan. These are just the latest examples. …

Continuing education programs like the new Foundations of Mobility credential at the University of Michigan can help. Read more about the need for a more holistic view, and new credential, in this op-ed in the Detroit Free Press

Jim Sayer is lead faculty of Foundations of Mobility, a new online professional credential available from the U-M College of Engineering, and director of the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute.

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