Making Stripy Map: Wingtra One

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Aerial Data Acquisition for Professional Surveying and Measurement

WingtraOne is the reliable VTOL platform which produces fast and high accuracy data in transportation projects, used for road projects with its lane-like mapping task plan feature. With its long telemetry connection, WingtraOne captures a resolution of 0.7 cm/pixel with its 42 MP SonyRXIRII camera. It can be used in Surveying and GIS, Mining and aggregates, Construction and infrastructure, Environmental monitoring and Agriculture applications.

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Some of WingtraOne RX1RII PPK Key Features:

  • 1 cm horizontal (2 cm vertical) absolute and relative accuracy
  • Wide coverage with ultra high resolution and accuracy: 100 hectares with 1 cm/pixel and 1 cm accuracy
  • It does not require orthomosaic correction because of its high data quality.
  • Pre-flight setup in 5 minutes versus hours while preparing Ground Control Points (GCP)

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