Innovative surfaces through bio-inspired principles

08 Jul, 2022

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Biomimetics is an innovation driver of the 21st century. Fusion Bionic helps companies to unfold the potential of laser-generated bio-inspired principles.

Natural surfaces exhibit a unique surface design enabling amazing surface properties such as anti-reflection (Moth eye effect), decoration (Morpho butterfly), self-cleaning (Lotus effect) and many more. Learn how Fusion Bionic tackle innovative surfaces through laser technology using biomimetics.

The challenges of modern technology have remained the same for 70 years: Surfaces get dirty, wear out, ice up, fail. In short, they are insufficiently optimized for their areas of application. In almost all technical areas, surface finishing processes are used to improve the performance of products. In many cases, attempts are already being made to copy surfaces from nature with their diverse effects. In the case of the lotus effect, for example, a microstructure ensures that dirt does not adhere, but is simply washed off the next time it rains. The fine ripples of shark skin, on the other hand, improve the flow on the outside of airplanes and ships, which saves fuel. Until now, many such nature-inspired effects have been created by coating the surface or sticking films with microstructures imprinted on them. But coatings and films can wear out, so the desired effect diminishes over time.

Fusion Bionic opens up completely new possibilities for functionalized surfaces based on a unique laser texturing technology. This makes it possible to create groundbreaking technical surfaces on which, for example, ice does not stick (anti-icing for e.g. aviation), glass surfaces of smartphones do not reflect (anti-reflective) and implants are better accepted by the body (biocompatible, antibacterial). The possibilities for surface enhancement are limitless, with today's material surfaces being significantly improved and established process steps in some cases being completely replaced. Fusion Bionic offers a highly scalable platform technology combined in a variety of compact, modular solutions and machines with high productivity.

The high-throughput manufacturing systems offered by Fusion Bionic are compact, robust and up to 100 times faster than established processes, taking laser functionalization to the next level. At the core of Fusion Bionic's solutions is Direct Laser Interference Patterning (DLIP) technology, which brings nature-inspired surface effects to technical surfaces quickly and efficiently. The main advantage of DLIP solutions is the high-throughput production of micro- and nanostructures directly on the material surface at speeds of up to 3 m²/min, without using additional process steps or chemicals. The surface structures produced feature specially developed surface functions inspired, for example, by the lotus leaf or moth's eye. This results in improved surfaces with e.g. self-cleaning, anti-icing, reduced friction, improved electr. properties or anti-reflection.

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Fusion Bionic is a solution provider for laser-generated functional surfaces. We are transferring bio-inspired principles such as the Lotus effect to technical surfaces by a high-speed laser process to enable high-performance surfaces with e.g. self-cleaning properties, improved contacting and more.

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