Flying into Non-Destructive Testing

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Intelligent Flying Robots

Intelligent Flying Robots

Intelligent flying robots are making their way into the Non-Destructive Testing industry. These robots are gaining attention in providing the industry with a safer and superior alternative to traditional methods.

Traditional non-destructive testing methods for industrial assets require sending inspectors to elevated and confined areas using scaffolding or rope access. This method is expensive, time-consuming, and dangerous.

Avestec has developed a solution using intelligent robots that fly, attach, and measure. Completing all inspection requirements quickly, safely, and at a low cost.

With the technology of intelligent flying robots, what once took an entire inspection team for ten days can be completed by two operators in a single day.

Unlimited flight and a patented attachment mechanism enable our robots to perform Ultrasonic Thickness measurements and visual inspections easily.

A cloud-based reporting software like Avesoft handles all the post-processing and data analysis using artificial intelligence and automatically generates reports. So well-informed decisions can be made faster.

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Avestec creates technology for non-destructive testing servicing and flying tethered robots. We aim to make industrial inspections quicker and cheaper while maintaining inspector safety. We will be able to drive the global development of flying robots. The Avestec Engineers in Vancouver, British ...