Disruptive Technologies IoT Sensor Starter Kit Award

We are looking for engineers and developers who have solutions to help create smart, safe, and sustainable indoor environments.

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Thank you for your submissions. The award has now closed. Finalists announced shortly!

Wevolver, in partnership with Disruptive Technologies, is awarding IoT hardware and infrastructure to support engineers in the development of the next generation of smart building systems. 

We are awarding 5 Disruptive Technologies Sensor Starter Kits to IoT engineers and developers to help create smarter and safer environments. 

To apply for the hardware award simply submit this brief form, describing what IoT-related problem you will solve with the Sensor Starter Kit. The five most innovative responses will be sent a complete kit (valued at $649) to build and implement their idea.  The winning projects will be profiled on Wevolver. 

All submissions will be reviewed by a panel of industry leaders who will reward entries based on innovation, scalability, and feasibility criteria.

About the Disruptive Technologies Sensor Starter Kit 

Disruptive Technologies is a Norwegian tech company and the award-winning developer of the world's smallest wireless sensors. They created the Sensor Starter Kit to help developers disrupt and fuel sensor solutions that will contribute to a more efficient, sustainable, and safe world. The kit provides IoT developers and engineers with access to hardware, IoT infrastructure, and documentation needed to start developing applications for prototyping, education, or business innovation purposes.  

The kit contains everything needed to build and test great IoT projects. 

The Sensor Starter Kit includes: 

  • Five of the world’s smallest wireless sensors that stick anywhere and have a 15-year battery life in the default configuration.

    • 1x Wireless Temperature Sensor

    • 1x Wireless Touch Sensor

    • 1x Wireless Proximity Sensor

    • 1x Wireless Water Sensor

    • 1x Wireless Humidity Sensor

  • A 4G/LTE Cloud Connector that facilitates data collection and integration.

  • A web-based integrated development environment (Studio), which is offered as a web app.

  • Detailed developer documentation, including full REST API documentation and application notes with sample code.

  • 1-year sensor subscription

The Disruptive Technologies Sensor Starter Kit. 

Peel & stick sensors with fast connectivity

Each Disruptive Technologies sensor is ready to connect. Simply peel and stick the sensor where you need it. Proprietary technology allows the sensors to work for up to 15 years in the default configuration. Triple A+ grade security from the sensors to cloud verified by third party security authority. Each sensor easily integrates into any existing data system or platform via webhooks or REST API. Additionally, they have an IP68 rating meaning they are highly protected against intrusion, dust, accidental contact, and water.  

Explore data with Studio

The development process is facilitated by Studio, the company's easy to use web-app that allows instant access to sensor data and alerts & notifications set-up while integration is based on popular methods such as webhooks and the use of REST APIs. Studio itself is built entirely on the Disruptive Technologies REST API, so developers can create similar web-apps to test out their own applications.

Secure connection to the cloud

The Cloud Connector is the sensors’ connection to the cloud, securely relaying the events transmitted by the sensors. There is no need for set-up or pairing during installation. The Cloud Connector will transparently relay traffic between all sensors in range and the cloud without the need for any user configuration or intervention.

The Cloud Connector and the peel-and-stick sensors.  

Sensor Kit Applications

The Sensor Kit can be used for developing a wide range of IoT applications in areas like smart buildings, including the occupancy of rooms or desks, or smart cities and facilities management including water leakage monitoring. Read more about the way DT’s sensors have been applied here

The Sensor Starter Kit can be applied in a multitude of smart city and smart building applications. 

Key dates

Challenge Launch. Apply now.September 21
Challenge CloseOctober 31
Winners Announced.November 26

Meet the jury

Erik Fossum Færevaag

Founder, Disruptive Technologies  

Erik has a strong background from the semiconductor industry, architecting the world’s lowest power microcontroller EFR32 and the world’s fastest growing ISM band radio ICs. This background made him believe that the challenges of IoT could be solved. In 2013 he founded Disruptive Technologies and started the journey to recruit the best people in the industry.

Cesar Jeri

Head of Innovation & Workplace Technology, Real Estate, Verizon

Cesar is the global head of Verizon’s Work Tech group, a division of the Global Real Estate team. His team’s mission is to scour, test and scale new technologies that enhance the employee experience, reduce the cost of operating the buildings, and improve productivity across Verizon’s property portfolio; which extends to over 100m sqft of real estate in 6000 buildings, distributed in over 50 countries.

Rachel Steinberg

Head of Mesa, Sidewalk Labs

Rachel has led end-to-end product development in sustainability, proptech / real estate, fintech, and e-commerce, with a particular passion for promoting access to opportunities.

Currently, she is Head of Mesa at Sidewalk Labs, an Alphabet company, which works to make cities more sustainable and affordable. She founded and leads Mesa, an energy optimization engine and building IoT product to help commercial building owners, tenants, and managers tackle energy efficiency.

Aksel Lund Svindal

World Champion Skier, Tech enthusiast and investor

Askel Lund Svindal is a Norwegian alpine ski racer famous for winning Olympic, World Cup, and World Championship gold. Today he is a successful technology investor, bringing value to the Norwegian startup scene through Norselab and A Management.  

Pippa Boothman

Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Disruptive Technologies

Pippa has more than 15 years of global sales and marketing experience in technology and apparel. Her expertise is growing brands and taking them to market. She was previously VP Marketing & Communications at Airthings.

Richard Hulskes

CEO and co-founder of Wevolver

Richard Hulskes is co-founder of Wevolver.com. Part of his focus is on helping IoT platforms, as well as universities, share informative content that enables IoT developers to stay up to date about what's happening in this field.

Award judging criteria

Entries will be evaluated on the following criteria:


Where does the project sit on a scale of innovation, ranging from "complete game-changer"  to "not at all". 


Can the idea be easily scaled for implementation at a commercial scale?


Is the project feasible to implement within the next three months?

About the sponsor: Disruptive Technologies

Founded in 2013, Disruptive Technologies (DT) is a Norwegian tech company and the award-winning developer of the world’s smallest wireless sensors and IoT infrastructure. These tiny, robust, affordable, and adaptable sensors are designed to reach an ever greater number of operational components, making buildings intelligent and sustainable, in minutes.

Our leading-edge partners build radically different smart solutions on our sensor platform for offices, buildings, retail, hospitals, food service, and more. Together, we enable facilities managers to maximize space and keep tenants happy, pharmacists to ensure drugs don't spoil, and engineers to protect critical assets. From desk occupancy to smart cleaning, we're connecting people and information to deliver Connected Change™.

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