AI at the Edge: Technology Accelerated by Wi-Fi Services

Leading the Digital Transformation with Edge AI and Wi-Fi Networking

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To successfully deploy Edge AI applications with real-time capabilities and low latency, it is crucial to have access to high bandwidth connectivity that operates at ultra-fast speeds. This is where Wi-Fi comes into play. Deploying Wi-Fi technologies enhances Edge AI’s real-time analysis and reinforces its ability to proactively respond to diverse scenarios with minimal latency and higher bandwidth efficiency. Wi-Fi deployment is further streamlined by an advanced Wi-Fi-as-a-service (WaaS) business model. 

Our new report, AI at the Edge: Technology Accelerated by Wi-Fi Services, dives deeply into the convergence of Wi-Fi services and Edge AI and explores how a technology model like WaaS can accelerate the adoption of AI at the edge. 

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Leading the Digital Transformation with Edge AI and Wi-Fi-as-a-Service

The report explores how Relay2 is serving the global market and learns about its ServiceEdge Platform and PartnerConnect Program. We will also take a good look at some notable use cases of these technologies, including education, healthcare, and retail, and finally peek into the future of Edge AI and Wi-Fi. 

This report aims to provide a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of how marrying Edge AI with cloud-managed Wi-Fi services will drive the growth of smart and lightweight infrastructure markets and create a smarter connected world with unified wireless access and an application computing platform.

“Relay2 is pioneering the convergence of Wi-Fi and Edge Computing, fortifying industries to provide smarter and better-connected services, enhanced security, safety, and privacy, along with operational efficiency and cost optimization.” - Eric Chen, Founder & CEO at Relay2

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Read excerpts of the report chapters as they are released:

Chapter 1: Wi-Fi Services Enabling Edge AI (Coming soon)

Chapter 2: Relay2 and Edge AI (Coming soon)

Chapter 3: Applications & Case Studies (Coming soon)

Chapter 4: Future of Edge AI with Wi-Fi Technology (Coming soon)

Conclusion: Wi-Fi-Powered Edge AI - A Technology for the Future (Coming soon)