2024 Wevolver Community Survey

Exploring the Trends, Challenges, and Innovations Shaping the Future of Engineering. Complete the survey to enter the prize draw!

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Join Our 2024 Community Survey – Shape the Future of Engineering!

At Wevolver, we're committed to continuously evolving with the needs and insights of our community. That's why we're excited to announce the launch of our 2024 Wevolver Community Survey! This initiative is your opportunity to voice your thoughts, share your experiences, and directly influence the resources and discussions that drive our platform.

Why Participate?

Your input is vital. The insights gathered from this survey will help us understand current trends in engineering, identify the challenges you face, and discover the emerging technologies that excite you the most. By participating, you're not just filling out a form—you're crafting the future of engineering knowledge sharing!


What's In It for You?

  • Win Exciting Prizes: By participating in the survey, you'll be entered into a draw to win one of three fantastic prizes:
    • Three hardware surprise boxes from Nordic Semiconductor, packed with cutting-edge tech goodies each valued at over $300+.
    • Two Particle Monitor Ones, perfect for engineers interested in IoT and device monitoring.
    • One Bambu Lab A1 mini 3D Printer for quick prototypes.
  • Voice Your Opinion: Your experience matters. Share what's on your mind, what you need in your work, and how we can better support you through our platform.
  • Stay Informed: Gain early access to the survey results, offering you a glimpse into the collective state of mind across various engineering disciplines.

The Survey

Spanning a variety of topics from technological developments to industry-specific challenges, the survey is designed to capture a comprehensive snapshot of the engineering landscape. Whether you're in software, electrical, mechanical engineering, or any field in between, your insights are invaluable.

First question of our 2024 Community Survey!

How to Participate

Taking part in the survey is easy:

  • Click on the survey link: Start the Survey
  • Complete the questionnaire at your own pace.
  • Submit your responses.

We estimate that the survey will take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. As a token of our appreciation, all participants will be entered into a draw for a chance to win Exciting Prizes!

Together, Let’s Engineer the Future!

We're excited to hear from you. Your contributions not only enrich our community but also empower engineers around the world. Let's shape the future of engineering together.

Start the survey now!

Special Thanks to our Survey Sponsors

Nordic Semiconductor

We play a key role in the realization of the wireless future. We remain passionately committed to ultra-low-power wireless technology done right. Our award-winning Bluetooth Low Energy solutions pioneered ultra-low power wireless, making us the global market leader. Our technology range was later supplemented by ANT+, Thread, and Zigbee, and in 2018 we launched our low-power, compact LTE-M/NB-IoT cellular IoT solutions to extend the penetration of the IoT. The Nordic portfolio was further complemented by Wi-Fi technology in 2021. Our technology is used by world-leading brands in a wide variety of applications, including wireless PC peripherals, gaming, sports and fitness, mobile phone accessories, consumer electronics, toys, healthcare, and automation.


Particle provides an integrated IoT Platform-as-a-Service that helps businesses connect, manage, and deploy software applications to connected devices, from edge to cloud and back. Over 240k developers, and 160+ Enterprise customers are building on Particle, from fast-growing startups to Fortune 100 companies.Our expertise goes beyond world-class technology, enabling next-generation business intelligence, insights, and expert customer support to make sure IoT projects succeed. So you can reprogram your business, industry, and the world.