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Article #3 of the Enabling IoT Series. This article looks at how Time of Flight (ToF) sensors are used for this purpose and are changing the way we can interact with VR, and other video technologies.

ToF 3D image sensors are changing the way we engage with photography and mixed reality

For real-time geo-registration, Oversight uses a physical engine and digital twins to make image matching algorithms more agnostic to variations.

Utilizing XR technology and digital twins for real-time geo-registration

Article #6 of Improving Lives with Digital Healthcare Series: Immersive technologies enabled by modern sensing and connectivity systems can be effective pedagogical tools in making medical education safer, accessible, personalized, and engaging.

Immersive Technologies in Medical Education

Using AR/VR technology, Oversight gives emergency responders the ability to literally SEE THROUGH WALLS and strengthens the connectivity between control rooms and field operators.

Enhancing Emergency Responders Situational Awareness Using XR Tools

Virtual and augmented reality are becoming increasingly useful for manufacturing, maintenance, construction and surveying activities, but what good is an advanced immersive visual medium if you can’t use it for very long?

Avoiding Dead Batteries in AR and VR Headsets

In this episode, we talk about how the introduction of scent can enhance the VR experience and phobia treatment along with an implementation of mixed reality for automotive development which promises a more efficient development flow.

Podcast: Immersive VR For Treating Phobias & Automotive Development

Researchers have conducted a study that showed that nanolattices possess high spectral selectivity. Their layers can be used as color filters for specific wavelength ranges, and one glass plate can contain records of up to six layers.

Researchers Explore Direct Laser Writing of Nanolattices

Cornell Tech researchers have developed a mixed-reality (XR) driving simulator system that could lower the cost of testing vehicle systems and interfaces, such as the turn signal and dashboard.

Mixed-reality driving simulator a low-cost alternative

Putting volunteers into the virtual reality world of Capcom's zombie-filled Resident Evil 7, researchers have found that smells — particularly unpleasant ones — have a measurable effect on user presence, in a study which could prove important for future VR training systems.

Researchers pump programmed scents to make virtual reality users feel more present

No sooner had David Shapira and Kordian Caplazi finished their studies than they set about creating a start-​up. Rimon develops virtual user manuals for industrial companies, enabling users to quickly and intuitively learn how to operate complex machines with the aid of AR glasses.

ETH graduates reinvent the user manual

Rutgers researchers have published the first work examining how hackers could use popular virtual reality headsets to steal sensitive information communicated via voice-command, including credit card data and passwords.

Researchers Discover Security Vulnerabilities in Virtual Reality Headsets

Demonstrated by researchers in Hong Kong, this closed-loop human-machine interface (CL-HMI) system lets you take control of a robot via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or the Internet — and to feel what it feels.

Skin-integrated electronics usher in a new age of human-machine interface for robotic virtual reality

AR startup innovator Alon Grinshpoon MS’18 says it’s time to think beyond typical AR and VR tech and consider the full 3D experience.

Is "Metaverse" More Than the Latest Buzzword?

Soon, internet users will be able to meet each other in cyberspace as animated 3D avatars. Researchers at ETH Zurich have developed new algorithms for creating virtual humans much more easily.

One step closer to lifelike avatars

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