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In this episode, we talk about how a team from TUM has developed a system composed of collaborative drones that can create structure in remote and/or disastrous areas.

Podcast: The Flying 3D Printers

An international team of researchers have created a fleet of bee-inspired flying 3D printers for building and repairing structures in-flight.

Additive manufacturing in-flight: 3D printing drones work like bees to build and repair structures

A team lead by Costa Samaras and Thiago Rodrigues has shown that using small drones for the last mile of package deliveries uses less energy and creates fewer emissions than conventional means.

Research suggests drones more efficient for last-mile deliveries

Researchers from DTU Space have developed a new type of high-resolution radar that looks in many directions concurrently.

New radar system can detect drones

For real-time geo-registration, Oversight uses a physical engine and digital twins to make image matching algorithms more agnostic to variations.

Utilizing XR technology and digital twins for real-time geo-registration

Flightmare is an open-source simulator for quadrotors that moves away from rigid paradigms and proposes a flexible modular structure that empowers the users or automated algorithms to fine-tune the simulator to the task at hand.

Flightmare: A Flexible Quadrotor Simulator

In this episode, we talk about how researchers are developing tools to keep us safe using technology that ranges from ultra-heat resistant tents for fighters to drones capable of discovering hidden landmines.

Podcast: Advanced Tents Saving Firefighters & Mine Sweeping Drones

EPFL researchers have used swarms of drones to measure city traffic with unprecedented accuracy and precision. Algorithms are then used to identify sources of traffic jams and recommend solutions to alleviate traffic problems.

Monitoring city mobility from the skies

DTU spinout solves mine clearance tasks for the Danish Defence and the offshore wind turbine industry.

Advanced drone technology streamlining mine clearance

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The State of Robotics, May & June 2022

Using smart sensor and measurement techniques to make farming more efficient and sustainable is the goal of a team of researchers at TUM.

Saving Resources with Precision Agriculture

Engineers at EPFL and the University of Geneva believe they hold the key to automated drone mapping. By combining artificial intelligence with a new algorithm, their method promises to considerably reduce the time and resources needed to accurately scan complex landscapes.

The missing piece to faster, cheaper and more accurate 3D mapping

To be truly useful, drones—that is, autonomous flying vehicles—will need to learn to navigate real-world weather and wind conditions.

Rapid Adaptation of Deep Learning Teaches Drones to Survive Any Weather

In this episode, we talk about how an app leveraging 3 sets of machine learning algorithms aims to reduce waste and emissions by creating 3D models of feet and the hoverfly inspired AI that will be keeping airfields safe from small drones via acoustic mapping and filtering.

Podcast: Feet Pics Saving The Planet & Fly Eye Inspired AI

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