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ADIUTOR device proposes a novel approach to provide high-intensity, repetitive, task-specific self-treatment at the home of an upper limb and it can help monitor patients' progress as well as personalize their treatment with improved motivation and interaction.

ADIUTOR: A novel Limb Exercising and Monitoring Device

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Armin Yousefi Kanani, GISMO Innovation Fellow from the Lancaster University Department of Engineering discusses the adoption of the Meltio M450 for research and business engagement.

Metal 3D Printing at Lancaster University

case study

As technology has become more accessible, 3D Printed casts have grown in popularity, owing to several benefits. However, all casts share a fundamental flaw - they are single-use products

3D Printing Sustainable Casts

The future of buildings is in using IoT, Machine Learning, and Edge Computing to respond intelligently to dwellers’ needs.

How energy efficient buildings leverage IoT and Machine Learning.

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