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Technology for creating 3D force and proximity sensors based on silicone, offering also the ability to customize shape and characteristcs. Key application is in collaborative robots

3D-shaped mechanically-compliant soft force, pressure, or proximity sensor with ease of integration and good reliability data?

With modular components and an easy-to-use 3D interface, this interactive design pipeline enables anyone to create their own customized robotic hand.

A helping hand for robotic manipulator design

In this episode, we talk about how a group of researchers were inspired by the adaptive immune system found in humans to fortify vulnerable neural networks and a joint effort between universities to create electric skin with unmatched performance.

Podcast: Immune System Inspired AI & Electric Skin

Using a highly-scalable approach to creating dense sensor networks, yet requiring only a pair of address lines, these researchers have taken inspiration from the human somatosensory system for a rapid-response sensitive sense of electronic touch.

A spectrum of spikes allows this novel electronic skin to sense touch like we do

Prosthetic enables a wide range of daily activities, such as zipping a suitcase, shaking hands, and petting a cat.

Inflatable robotic hand gives amputees real-time tactile control

The design could help restore motor function after stroke, enhance virtual gaming experiences.

This touchy-feely glove senses and maps tactile stimuli

Carnegie Mellon researchers have developed fabric-friendly near-field communication antennas that can be woven into everyday surfaces for building smart environments.

Fabric-friendly sensors

The sentient Magic Carpet from Aladdin might have a new competitor. While it can’t fly or speak, a new tactile sensing carpet from MIT CSAIL can estimate human poses without using cameras, in a step towards improving self-powered personalized healthcare, smart homes, and gaming.

Intelligent carpet gives insight into human poses

The technology uses tactile sensing to identify objects underground, and might one day help disarm land mines or inspect cables.

Slender robotic finger senses buried items

Cutkosky applies analyses, simulations, and experiments to the design and control of robotic hands, tactile sensors, and devices for human/computer interaction. In manufacturing, his work focuses on design tools for rapid prototyping.

Soft Robotics With Mark Cutkosky "Gecko Climbing Robots"

A new kind of wearable health device would deliver real-time medical data to those with eye or mouth diseases, according to Huanyu  “Larry” Cheng, Dorothy Quiggle Career Development Professor in the Penn State Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics (ESM).

Wearable sensor monitors health, administers drugs using saliva and tears

A soft, flexible sensor system created with electrically conductive yarns could help map problematic pressure points in the socket of an amputee’s prosthetic limb, researchers from North Carolina State University report in a new study.

Textile Sensor Patch, Made with Conductive Yarns, Could Detect Pressure Points for Amputees

A symbiotic culture of specialized yeast and bacteria can generate tough materials able to perform a variety of functions.

Inspired by kombucha tea, engineers create "living materials"

Diagnosing liver damage earlier could help to prevent liver failure in many patients.

Sensor can detect scarred or fatty liver tissue

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