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Most materials – from rubber bands to steel beams – thin out as they are stretched, but engineers can use origami’s interlocking ridges and precise folds to reverse this tendency and build devices that grow wider as they are pulled apart.

Researchers unfolded elegant equations to explain the enigma of expanding origami

Article #8 of Improving Lives with Digital Healthcare Series: Advancements in electronics have transformed the healthcare sector. The focus is on improving the experiences of users by utilizing cutting-edge technologies like advanced drug delivery systems, wearables, surgical robots, and more.

The Next-Generation of Medical Technologies: Digitized, Miniaturized, and Connected

Article #3 of Improving Lives with Digital Healthcare Series: Using real-time sensing, new energy sources, and multifunctional connectors, it's possible to carry out cardiovascular operations with reduced risks and faster recovery time.

Sensing and Energy Systems for Minimally Invasive Cardiovascular Surgeries

Article #2 of Improving Lives with Digital Healthcare Series: Improved healthcare robots facilitate minimally invasive surgical procedures with features like visualization, precision movement, and tactile feedback. Having a good connectivity infrastructure supporting the devices ensures reliability

Connectivity Solutions for the Next-Generation of Surgical Robots

In this episode, we talk about how a group at MIT has developed an easy-to-use handheld device to treat internal bleeding and a joint effort between MIT and Imperial College London which resulted in a marine mammal call sensor that can leverage machine learning models locally

Podcast: AI Powered Devices For Saving Lives & Studying Oceans

The AI-Guided Ultrasound Intervention Device is a lifesaving technology that helps a range of users deliver complex medical interventions at the point of injury.

Handheld surgical robot can help stem fatal blood loss

An enhanced autonomous strategy for laparoscopic soft tissue surgery and demonstrated robotic laparoscopic small bowel anastomosis in phantom and in vivo intestinal tissues.

Can robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery exhibit high levels of autonomy?

Operations with robotic assistance systems are no longer a rarity. The surgeon sits at a console, the robotic arms execute his commands precisely, safely and gently for the patient.

Surgical robot with DLR technology on the market

In July, Andrey Filchenkov delivered a talk on machine learning in medicine at a conference at ITMO University. ITMO.NEWS talked to the researcher to learn more about what stands in the way of progress and why machines won’t be able to fully substitute for medical specialists.

ITMO Associate Professor Andrey Filchenkov on Why Robots Can't Replace Doctors

On Redundancy And The Unavoidable Trade-offs At Surgical Robotics

Russell Taylor "Surgical Robotics"

The patch, which can be folded around surgical tools, may someday be used in robotic surgery to repair tissues and organs.

An origami-inspired medical patch for sealing internal injuries

Origami-inspired miniature manipulator improves precision and control of teleoperated surgical procedures

Cutting surgical robots down to size

World’s first clinical study of robot-assisted supermicrosurgery carried out to treat lymphedema.

Microsurgery robot passes first clinical test

Robot-assisted surgical systems, also known as telerobotic surgical systems, are physical extensions of a surgeon.

Researchers help robots acquire steadier hands for surgery

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