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University Technology Exposure Program 2022 invited student researchers to submit articles on their innovative projects and ideas. It’s time to announce the winner of the event who wins a prize of $5,000.

Announcing the Winner of the University Technology Exposure Program 2022

How we learn about composites and lightweight structures design has changed drastically due to Covid-19 with virtual classes or open-access software. This article focuses on the transition and elaborates on the new method of learning called e-training. Let's dive into it!

e-training for Composites Design, Manufacturing, and Business

The third month of UTEP 2022 included submissions related to industrial manufacturing, wind energy, microelectronics, environmental sensing, and more. This article presents a summary of the published write-ups.

University Technology Exposure Program 2022: April Update

The articles submitted as a part of our Student & Researcher Communication Program included projects related to a vast array of topics like mobility, healthcare, energy, robotics and more. In this article, we announce the winners and showcase the best submissions.

Meet the Winners of Wevolver Engineering Student & Researcher Communication Program 2021

Society has learnt to efficiently harvest energy from the major energy sources such as sun, wind or rivers. But what about the small motions – walking, opening a door, writing or even breathing? These everyday small motions can be used to harvest energy and power some small-scale electronics.


All over Europe, programs incentivizing the installation of renewables for homeowners are ending. These programs allow residential homeowners with solar panels to sell extra electricity produced to the grid and offset their electricity bills.


Climate change remains one of the main societal challenges humanity is facing in the 21st century (Urry, 2015). Therefore, the Paris Climate Agreement was signed internationally to combat global warming by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (UN, 2015).

Electric Refueling

In recent years we have seen a sharp increase in the number of waste fires in Europe. Research has shown that the main causes of these fires are heating and the presence of flammable substances.

CORE TITAN - An end to battery fires

FSB Racing Team is a student project, operating under the Croatian Student Association of Engineering Faculties. Founded in 2003 at the University of Zagreb’s Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, the team’s task is the design, development, and manufacturing of a formula-like single-seater race car aimed at taking part in Formula Student competitions.

FSB Racing Team

Having paraplegia causes various physical problems. In addition to being unable to walk and an overall restriction of mobility, people with spinal cord injury also face other issues such as disturbed blood circulation and a high risk of pressure ulcers.


The aim was to deviate from the fixed morphology robots and experiment with robot designs that can adapt to their environment by virtue of their capability to change shape. Multiple types of variable morphology robot designs are currently in consideration, but one of the promising designs is being showcased here.

MT- Bot: Variable Morphology Multi Terrain robot

The climate is changing and everyone knows that. Instead of looking away our generation has the opportunity but also the responsibility to work on that problem and create a better future. It is a gigantic task and also a huge pressure that is exerted on our generation.


Our team of 90 engineers is designing and building a car from scratch in 10 months which is capable of winning the most competitive event in the largest student engineering design competition in the world. This year the racecar must work with a driver and in an autonomous mode.

Formula Student Team Delft

Swissloop Tunneling’s project is the conduction of research on and the construction of new and innovative tunneling solutions.

Swissloop Tunneling

Wevolver 2022